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Launches “JAPAN BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTER” to promote foreign investment in Japan

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CROSSCOOP SINGAPORE launches “JAPAN BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTER” to promote foreign investment in Japan


CROSSCOOP SINGAPORE PTE LTD, which has been providing support to Japanese companies’ business expansion in Southeast Asia, announces the launch of “JAPAN BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTER” in CROSSCOOP SINGAPORE Incubation Office from June 2014, catering to Southeast Asian and Indian companies.


■ Background of the launch of “JAPAN BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTRE”

On the “4th Meeting of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy, and the 2nd Joint Meeting of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy and the Industrial Competitiveness Council” (http://japan.kantei.go.jp/96_abe/actions/201404/4kaigi.html) held in April 2014, Japanese Prime Minister, ABE SHINZO, defined the promotion of direct investment to Japan as a key policy for future economic growth. On 25th of the same month, as a result of the 1st conference regarding direct investment to Japan, three agendas were proposed in order to promote further investment in Japan.


1. Strengthen leadership efforts to reform domestic regulations

1) To achieve further deregulation, there is a need to strengthen cooperation between the government and ministries in accordance with the conference.

2) In addition to the above, going forward, to achieve necessary institutional reforms, there is a need to understand the needs of foreign companies by capturing opportunities to listen directly to the opinions of the executives of foreign companies when they are in Japan, as well as to encourage efforts of relevant conferences and ministries.

3) To promote the efforts of the government as a whole, by collecting and understanding information about the administrative procedures, etc. pertaining to the promotion of FDI to Japan in cooperation with relevant organizations and ministries and make any necessary adjustments.


2. Efforts to direct and manage the identifying of activities attracting FDI projects to Japan.

1) Centrally direct and manage the gathering and understanding of information on identifying activities attracting FDI to Japan that are performed by Diplomatic missions and JETRO overseas offices abroad.

2) Gather and understand information about marketing policies of the PM and other Ministers; on top of supporting their activities, also cooperate with regional authorities that are proactive in attracting foreign companies, in order to promote identifying and attracting effective FDI projects to Japan.

3) To strengthen dissemination of information to foreign companies regarding effective promotion of direct investment to Japan by conducting reviews of the current system of information dissemination.


3. Others

1) Examine other important issues concerning promotion of direct investment to Japan and to promote necessary efforts.

※ Source: http://www.invest-japan.go.jp/promotion/0425/agenda.html


Aided by expectation of economic boom with the 2020 Olympic in Tokyo and weaker Yen, promoting foreign investment to Japan is becoming an indispensable policy to stimulate Japanese economy, along with the export of Japanese infrastructure.


Japanese incubation office CROSSCOOP SINGAPORE, which opened in Singapore in July 2011, has accumulated a clientele of 160 Japanese companies during its three years in operation. Since then, CROSSCOOP has expanded into Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, and has a clientele of more than 300 Japanese companies in these 5 countries, with current clients numbering 200 at this moment.


On the other hand, requests pertaining to investment or expansion into Japan were received from the network of local companies and investors built during the business development process in Asia. For example, queries from IT and F&B companies in India, inquiry of acquisition of Japanese hotel chains, etc., were received from Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore.


However, it cannot be said that necessary information, regarding market entry in Japan, such as administrative procedures unique to Japan, regulations, market needs and competition, are sufficiently available in English. Moreover, there are very few companies that, while possessing knowledge of investment in Japan, also has networks with Japanese and Southeast Asian/Indian companies, thus, being disincentive in expanding foreign investment in Japan.


CROSSCOOP SINGAPORE, with its local networks in 5 Asian countries and expertise in setting up business in Japan, launches “Japan Business Support Center” – a private consultation service catering to Southeast Asian/Indian companies regarding investing in Japan. In so doing, it continues to promote investment in Japan, which is a key measure of the Abe Administration.





Website: http://www.crosscoop.biz/en/japanbusinesscenter/

Address: 80 Robinson Road 10th Floor (inside CROSSCOOP SINGAPORE)

Phone number: +65-6420-6370(direct to CROSSCOOP)


○ Services available

*Provide information of various industries in Japan (consumer trends, competitive environment, etc.).

*Provide information of trends in Japan, popular products/services.

*Introduction to potential business partners (corporate, individual).

*Marketing strategies in the Japanese Market.

*Procedures for setting up company, visa application, etc.

*Introduction to business suppliers such as Accounting firms, Law firms, M&A intermediaries, Recruitment companies, etc.


○ Person-in-Charge: Motofumi Shoji (Managing Director of CROSSCOOP SINGAPORE PTE LTD)

(Profile) After working seven and a half years in Oriental Land, Co., Ltd., doing marketing for Disney Theme Park, he moved on to work in Tokyo-listed management consulting firm and Business planning division of IT venture company before being co-founder of SocialWire Co., Ltd. Currently, Vice-President of the same company.

Since 2011, in order to expand CROSSCOOP in Asia, he moved to Singapore, and established offices in Singapore, Jakarta, Delhi, Ho Chi Minh and Manila. He is currently managing overseas business from Singapore.


○ Vice Person-in-Charge: Yasuji Seki (Managing Director of NIHON ASSIST SINGAPORE PTE LTD)

(Profile) He was based in Shanghai in 2005 and started the investment consulting business under a non-profit organization within the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. From 2008, he was a Senior Marketing officer at International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore) based in the Commercial Office at the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Tokyo, providing support to Singapore companies expanding into Japan. In 2011 after leaving his post, he set up Nihon Assist Singapore Pte Ltd, a consulting firm assisting Japanese companies expanding business into Singapore. Also, from May 2012, he joined the Board of Directors of Investment Bank, RISA PARTNERS ASIA PTE LTD.




For more information regarding this press release, please contact:

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Tel: 6420 6370

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